Is your business weighing you down?

Diving deep into your inner work is one of the most overlooked aspects to running a successful and fulfilling business.

Do you struggle with saying no, setting specific work hours, feeling aligned with your offers and even bending over backwards to leave yourself feeling depleted?

You're not alone. You are in need of firmer boundaries.

The Transformative Power of Boundaries

If you have felt any of the feelings above, these can all change with the power of clear aligned boundaries. In this mini course we will be discussing what boundaries are, how you can obtain boundaries that are uniquely fitting for you and how to continuously respect your profession by working your boundaries. This course will help you cultivate a new approach to business all while feeling the freedom and respect you deserve.

Common Struggles

Three factors that might hint at your need to create your own unique boundaries

Saying No

Do you accept any client that is willing to work with you? Any client that needs a last minute or time sensitive request? That ultimately stretches you too thin and leaves you feeling overwhelmed when you promise yourself you "won't do that again."

No Designated Work Hours

Do you work whenever? Answer messages, emails, inquiries or even phone calls at any time they pour in? Do you ever enjoy a family get together without worrying about tending to your business?

Lacking Routine

Do you step foot out of bed and the first thing you do is check your phone for work notifications? By beginning your day right into your workflow makes you lose track of who you are as a human and blur the lines of life vs work.

"I would recommend the SHiFT program to creatives who are doing what they love--in a fashion that they don't love. Self-employment is only freeing, flexible, and fun when you take intentional actions to make it so, and this program was a great way to hone in on some of those pain points and their solutions. It was great to learn mindset tricks and actionable steps from a fellow, loved community member who has been there and conquered. It was also so lovely to connect regularly with other likeminded creatives to share similar experiences and send mutual support."

-Vanessa Bennish

Start Working on Boundaries Today